DiB is a simple distributed key-value database with goals of data consistency and crash recovery.
Since at the moment this is a graded school project, we are unable to accept any form of help in terms of source code and such, but we could always learn from your experiences (whether good or bad).
This project is to be evaluated on 2006-April-19, and as it stands right now, I plan on continuing to work on it after and achieve the goals that we were unable to achieve due to time limitation.
Our project team consists of three 'Advanced OS (CMPT-401)' Students from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

If you'd like to be a part of this project after our due date, please revisit the page after April 19th, let us know what you're willing to bring to the project and how you intend to improve/expand it, and we'll be glad to have you onboard.